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Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow

Drinky Crow

At first glance, with that infectiously catchy theme tune  and the cutesy characters you’d be forgiven for thinking this was going to be a somewhat tame outing for an Adult Swim show but you’d be so very, very wrong. This is the brainchild of Tony Millionaire and started life (and continues as) the popular comic strip Maakies, frequenting many alternative newspapers in Americaland and Europe. What’s immediately apparent within the first minute of watching is that it’s cutesy veneer is countered head on by an onslaught of suicide, drinking and sleazy, sleazy, interspecies coitus. Oh, and there’s a monkey!


Drinky Crow doin’ the do, spewin’ the spew

The Drinky Crow show treats death and dismemberment with the seriousness and urgency of a  demotivated ALDI checkout girl showing you the way to the foreign sausage section. For example, in this universe it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot off 90% of your head and carry on talking, drinking or even driving only for it to magically reappear the next time the camera looks at something else. In fact it’s entirely reasonable that after a particularly heavy night out your organs will seek solace in a bar of their own construction to avoid the fallout of your intoxicated tomfoolery.

Did I also mention it’s kind of nautical? You’ve got amorous sea monsters, a boat full of bloodthirsty French crocodiles and all sorts of sea capers and maritime mishaps. Certainly enough to satiate your inner pirate.

Nautical mischief

Nautical mischief

If you’re after rich layers of continuity then forget it. Drinky Crow takes a page from the Aqua Teen book of storytelling but goes one weirder. Each episode plays out like a perverted dream sequence from a drug addled Spongebob writer. The only real constants are the characters themselves so good luck trying to explain an episode to the uninitiated. “So the french spy lady is pregnant, except she’s not really it’s Uncle Gabby is in her uterus, meanwhile in Uncle Gabby’s ass  there is a gaggle of vampires watching a stand-up vampire comedian voiced by Jackie Mason. It turns out that the spy lady is constructing a nuclear warship in her uterus and… Mum? You still there?”