[ASFTW] is the brainchild of my friend and [adult swim] guru Michelle Olley.

It started life as ‘Project Volcano’, a unique opportunity for employees to pitch an idea to the Turner bosses. Fed up with the lack of enthusiasm for adult swim in the UK and Europe Michelle came up with the idea of making a documentary to tell the world what they’re missing.

It’s been over a year in the planning and the scheming involved in getting to this point has been immense. In order to get this thing moving Michelle roped in me and director Lou Auguste to create a doc making super squad capable of making this love letter to Williams Street a reality.

This blog will tell you our story from start to finish. Join us on our journey to create the world’s first documentary dedicated to 12 years of the best subversive live action and cartoon shows ever created.

Lou Auguste


Lou Auguste is an American documentary film maker who has been plying his trade since the days of home movies and footsie pajamas.  His first documentary Open Air (2006) was an award winning short that explored the studios of a few of the world’s most famous street artists.  To follow it up Lou hit the road with his best friend and documented street art and graffiti culture across the USA in Day in the Lyfe (2008).  The documentary was a massive success, received international distribution and caught the eye of street art legend Banksy, who used a clip from it in Exit through the Gift Shop (2010).  When not chasing graffiti artists in the dark, Lou has found time to document a diverse range of subjects from Haitian Voodoo to the First Lady of Mexico.  He’s also contributed to various UK programmes over the last two years including Yesterday’s Instruments of Death, Robbie Williams Live at the O2, Cash in the Celebrity Attic, and James Morrison The Man Behind the Music.  

He’s been an Adult Swim fan since 2001 and his favorite show will always be Sealab 2021

Michelle Olley

pepper spray

London-based Michelle Olley is first and foremost a story-teller, explainer and advocate of awesome stuff. This goes some way to explain the twisty-turny writing-and-shenanigans-based career path as journalist, magazine and book editor, singer/lyricist, club runner, waitress (“Have the pie! It tastes like creamy rainbows!”), plus various telly-based roles at Turner Broadcasting’s European HQ, where a dash of Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t go amiss. Michelle spent two years as Content Manager/website editor/wordsmith for the now-defunct Adult Swim Central Team and is currently Programme Sales Europe’s Official Adult Swim Champion, as well as editing Turner’s in-house magazine/blog, The Ted.

When it comes to Adult Swim, Michelle first drank the Kool Aid when asked to put together an Adult Swim ‘takeover’ issue of The Ted in 2008. In a typical ignorance-is-bliss move, she interviewed Adult Swim’s founder, Mike Lazzo, asking greenhorn questions that now have her squirming with chagrin like a salted slug. It could just be that the last four years have been her attempt to make up for using the America’s Next Top Model acronym ANTM, instead of Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s ATHF in those questions. This may also go some way to explaining why, on occasion, she adopts the persona of manic street preacher monkey pirate meatball nun, Sister M-Wad. Because some sins aren’t easily washed away…


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