Who the frig is The Gritty Chimp?

I am the self confessed #1 adult swim fan in the UK.

My adult swim journey began back in 2006 when I caught  Bravo UK’s late night Swim block one bleary eyed summer evening. I was instantly hooked and jumped to the message boards where I became part of a small group of hardened UK fans that talked all things swim, free newspapers and basically annoyed the shit out of Bravo admins until they gave us stuff. This is where The Gritty Chimp was born. It was just my message board alias, I thought it had a good ring to it and it kind of stuck. I chose this monkey with a gun picture as it seemed to fit. This was Gritty 1.0.

gritty original

When the Bravo block died we were left homeless. With nowhere to go apart from a Bebo (remember Bebo, kids?) page filled with tween Robot Chicken fans I created the now fabled “Adult Swim for Adults” where Bravo survivors could keep chatting swim. We kept up our thirst for Swim news and crude humour and even pestered Turner for prizes for our own competitions.

After a long time in the wilderness we got an official adult swim UK website. There was no new TV block on the horizon but at least we had a home where we could settle. It was in the early days of the site that I was approached by Turner’s swim guru and original monkey pirate, Michelle Olley to write a “Guide to” section for the blog section. Over the next year and a half I had a dream job writing about the shows I love, as well as introducing the wealth of creamy animated (and live action) goodness to the swim-curious I did pieces on the movers and shakers of Williams Street culminating in a Skype interview at 1 in the morning with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, creators of the Venture Brothers.


The response to the blog let me know I was far from alone in my thirst for this stuff and I reached out to fans in the US as well as the UK and soon became friends with John J Galbo, creator of unofficial news site adultswimcentral.com where I became a regular co-host and occasional contributor.

So what now? Gritty Chimp 2.0 is born, we’re making a film! Follow me on the ultimate journey in adult swim fandom, the quest to find Mike Lazzo himself….

[ASFTW] a film for the win


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